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The Power Query Team Would Like Your Feedback!

Power Query today exists primarily as a technology within Microsoft products such as Excel, Power BI, Synapse, Power Platform, and more. For our users to submit feedback about Power Query, they would submit feedback to the host product feedback systems. Our Power Query team would then filter from all host product feedback and pull feedback specific to Power Query from those systems to review. While this system works, we can make it even better by additionally offering a way for users to send feedback about Power Query in a consistent experience across products, directly from within the Power Query Editor experience.

We are excited to announce a new feature that provides this experience to users. Available today in all Power Query Online and Dataflows experiences is our new “Send Feedback” feature, allowing you to submit feedback directly to the Power Query team for review.

To access this “Send Feedback” feature, navigate to the “Help Tab” in the ribbon and select “Send feedback”.

We ask for two types of feedback. First, a simple question measuring your overall satisfaction with Power Query. This is then aggregated into a quantitative satisfaction metric to measure overall user satisfaction. Next, we provide an opportunity for you to provide qualitative feedback in the form of additional comments. This feedback is sent verbatim to our Power Query team and will be reviewed closely. Please be sure not to send any personally identifying or otherwise confidential information.

Your privacy is important to us. The feedback data that you submit to us is stored and managed according to our Microsoft Privacy Statement (Microsoft Privacy Statement – Microsoft privacy).

Our Power Query team appreciates the time you take to share your feedback with us. We thank you in advance for helping us deliver the best product we can.


The Power Query team is interested in your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.