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Power Query Updates in Power BI Desktop December 2021 Release

This content applies to: Power BI Desktop

The Power BI Desktop December 2021 Release contains many Power Query-related updates, summarized below for easy reference. To view the full list of feature releases in Power BI Desktop December 2021, read the full Power BI blog post here.

Azure Data Explorer (Connector Update)

The Azure Data Explorer connector has been updated with the following changes:

  1. Fixed support for authentication against Log Analytics/Application Insights/Azure Monitoring resources
  2. Support folding of Bitwise Shift Left/Right operations
  3. Fixes to Text.PositionOf folding
  4. Accepting batch requests (only last result set will be used)

FHIR (Connector Update)

The FHIR connector has been updated with a fix for an issue where data was not filtered when additional query parameters were appended.

Dremio Software (Connector Update)

The Dremio Software connector has added the ability to authenticate using Azure Active Directory (AAD) in addition to the existing username and password, or username and personal access token methods.

BQE Core (Connector Update)

The BQE Core connector has been updated. Please see update notes from the BQE Core team.

What’s new in BQE CORE Connector 2.0?

More data access via the BQE CORE connector, including:

  • Contacts
  • Fund Transfers

BQE CORE is proud to offer its Power BI connector directly through the Microsoft Power BI app. This connector gives users the ability to seamlessly import their raw CORE data into the Power BI application, as well as transform it into meaningful, centralized, visual and interactive insights for their business. While the connector was previously offered as a manual integration through our training department, this streamlined installation from the Power BI app will help CORE customers create custom dashboards and reports, and ultimately make more informed business decisions.

Visit the Power BI Forum to learn just how powerful this connector really is – and why you can’t afford to be without it! Also, be sure to explore our full list of public CORE APIs here.

TIBCO Data Virtualization  (Connector Update)

This connector is now generally available.

Exasol (Connector Update)

This update enables the “View Native Query” option.

Starburst Enterprise (Connector Update)

The Starburst Enterprise connector has been updated. Please see update notes from the Starburst team

(Version 3.0.0 # November 2021).

  • Support for version 2.0.0+ of the Starburst ODBC driver.
  • Breaking changes: Remove support for the Presto ODBC driver (prior to ODBC version 2.0.0).

Download Power BI Desktop

The full list of updates for the December release of Power BI Desktop can be found in the Power BI blog post. To access these features, and more, use the link below to download Power BI Desktop!

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The Power Query team is interested in your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.