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Enable Synapse Workspace data in Power BI

This content applies to: Power BI Desktop

We are excited to announce a new Synapse connector in Power BI Desktop November release.

More and more businesses are trying to use data to answer their questions. This is resulting in group of business users, more than ever, who want to query data for ad hoc analysis. The data that business users need resides in a lake or data warehouse. When IT gets a request for this data access, they move the data from storage to a cube or another easy to consume place, so the business user can analyze the data. However, IT can’t keep up with the increasing number of requests. The business users need to be enabled, in a timely fashion, to query this data without IT involvement.

From our Azure Synapse Analytics customers, we heard your feedback for a better integration story between Synapse and Power BI desktop. The new connector enables the seamless E2E integration- now, instead of having to go through multiple hops to get the job done, you can accelerate time-to-insight with the new Azure Synapse Analytics workspace (Beta) Power Query connector for Synapse. The new connector helps fast-track your Synapse workspace data import into Power BI Desktop so that business users can focus on the analysis, and not have to worry about data import issues and delays.

Key features of Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace (Beta) Connector

  • All Synapse Databases supported
  • Automatically detect all Synapse Workspaces (and Databases) that the user has access to
  • Preview table data before import
  • Find related tables for more meaningful data import.
  • Transform your data with the rich Power Query features
  • Synapse metadata (Limited) import to Power BI Desktop
  • Tables relationships automatically imported from Synapse

How to use the Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace (Beta) Connector?


  1. Launch the Connector in Power BI Desktop
  • Find your Workspace and the Database and, select tables to import
  • Transform your data with PQ Editor
  • View imported data and relationships
  • Start reporting on your data from Synapse using Power BI

Get Started

Get started with Azure Synapse Analytics workspace (Beta) connector, for Azure Synapse Analytics, inside Power BI for free.


The Power Query team is interested in your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.