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Implement Native Query support in your Power Query Custom Connectors

We’ve just released support for implementing native query support in your own Power Query custom connectors through the use of the Power Query SDK. This new support allows Power Query connector developers to implement support in their connectors to enter a native query that can run against their data sources through the use of the […]

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New Web.Headers M function

This content applies to: Power Query online Power Query desktop You may have noticed a new M function was added to Power Query recently: Web.Headers. This function allows you to make HEAD requests to web services – the existing Web.Contents function, which it resembles closely, only allows you to make GET and POST requests. You […]

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New Rank Column transform in Power Query Online

This content applies to: Power Query online We’re pleased to announce that yet another new transformation has been added to Power Query Online: you can now add columns containing ranks to a table. To see how to use it, consider the following table containing sales and profit values for various products: Let’s say you want […]

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Introduction to practical Query folding

This content applies to: Power Query Online One of the most powerful capabilities of Power Query and the M Language is Query Folding (also referred to as query delegation, and predicate push-down). Query Folding allows the Power Query Mashup Engine to push the transformations expressed in an M (mashup) query to the data source, in […]

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